Advent Calendar Hotlist!

With only 2 and a bit weeks left until December, it's nearly time to bring the advent calendar out and let the countdown to the big day begin! 
We're spoilt for choice this year, with calendars for the beauty lover, beer lover, and of course the traditional chocolate lover. In fact, I think there's probably an advent calendar out there to suit just about everyone! 

Here are my top picks of the best advent calendars that are on the shelves this year - fingers crossed my loved ones read this eh, hint hint!

Ciaté Mini Mani Manor - £49

Ciaté have produced a similar calendar for a couple of years now and I've wanted one of these bad boys ever since I saw a lucky someone instagramming their countdown goodies last year! With nearly every nail polish colour you could ever possibly need in mini form, and a little selection of their nail caviar and glitter polishes too, this is a must have for the beauty obsessive with the extensive nail polish collection. A great price too for the quality of product you get inside!

Liberty Beauty Christmas Advent Calendar - £149

Obviously this is massively on the pricey side for an advent calendar but would be perfect as a little treat before christmas! It features these gorgeous little Liberty printed drawers that are jam packed with high-end goodies that you'd find in the store itself, eg. NARS, Eve Lom, Diptique, Laura Mercier and Dermalogica. With so many mini products, this one would be every bloggers dream...think of how many blog posts and reviews you could squeeze out of that!

Tea Garland Calendar -  £38

I found this amazing creation on, and it's basically just 24 days of yummy tea! Each adorable sachet provides enough tea for 2 cups, and it even comes complete with a little tea strainer! It's fairly pricey for what you get but for that tea-mad friend or family member, this would make their year! You also get a special secret something to open on Christmas Day itself (hands up who wants it to be a pack of digestives?!) 

Benefit Candy Coated Countdown - £60

Upon first glance I thought this, again, was on the pricey side. But after another look, boy was I wrong! If anyone has kept up with my previous posts you'll know I have started a little collection of the Benefit tin palettes, so unsurprisingly I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE! 60 English pounds may seem like a lot for an advent calendar, but you get a mini sized version of pretty much all of their best sellers (They're Real Mascara, Dandelion cream blush and Watts Up Highlighter to name a few!), and some extra little beauty treats thrown in there too this is sure to make anyones christmas start off brilliantly. How cute is the packaging too?!

Lindt Bear Adorable Advent House - £9.99

What Christmas would be complete without a chocolate gold foil-wrapped Lindt bear? This box of sweet goodness features mini reindeers and bears galore, and also the traditional melt in the mouth Lindor balls. New for this year as well, it also feature chocolate drops which sound AMAAAAZING! This is the perfect treat for the kiddywinkles in your life or perhaps just a cheeky gift to yourself. Not a bad price either!

What Advent calendar are you hoping to receive? Would you prefer a beauty themed one or the traditional chocolate option?

Always, Alice x


  1. A nailpolish calendar would not be that bad, hehe :))

  2. The ciate calender is so beautiful! Xx

  3. Oh wow the Liberty one looks amazing xx

    Gemma |

  4. Ah these are all so amazing! I really want a good advent calender but don't think it will happen! The body shop one looked pretty good, but I will probably pick up a Percy Pig one from M&S!! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  5. Fab post, I love these advent calendars! I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin and GFC. If you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo

  6. Hi deary! I nominated you for the liebster award on my blog!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  7. I think my favourites have to be the Benefit and Liberty ones. It's such a great post to compare what's available on the market! Thanks for sharing.

    Glam O’Clock | Beauty Blog

  8. Thanks for the comment :)

    I just followed ya on GFC and follow back

  9. I want the mani manor one hehe xox

  10. These all look so nice - id love to get the benefit one for xmas!

  11. I'd definitely add The Body Shop advent calendar - I love it! I have it myself and I also won Benefit one, so I am very excited about 1st December. :)

  12. I would happily take any one of these...except the tea garland, I'm not a tea drinker! The Benefit and Ciate ones are particularly up my street however, I'd be just as happy with chocolate!

    Heather x

  13. The advent calendar selection in Switzerland isn't too great. I had to dig quite a bit to get a decent one. But when it comes to chocolates, I definitely can't complain where I live ;)


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