Lovely lunch and lovely home...

As has become a bit of a tradition on Thursday afternoons, me and my delightful other half today decided to treat ourselves to a spot of lunch after a busy morning at work. 

Today's place of choice was (drum roll please...) PIZZA EXPRESS, much to the delight of my other half as he would eat there every day and night for weeks on end if he could! Normally I am a bit indifferent but I had a mahoooosive craving for pizza all this morning so it was the perfect choice! 

Here's some Instagram worthy photos of my chosen courses which were YUM! 

I had a mozzarella garlic bread to start which was so yummy, and then because I was being super fussy about what pizza to choose, I just became a massive pain in the arse and created my own ha! Not sure how pleased the waiter was about that but the end result was delicious! I went for a mozzarella, chicken and pesto pizza with loads and loads of spinach and it was scrummy! 

We had a lovely table next to the window, and I couldn't help but think to myself how beautiful my town is! This was my view whilst eating my pizza, how nice is that?!

I love where I live, it's a lovely little town called Beverley in East Yorkshire and it's so quaint and pretty! Nearly every month there is a festival of some sort so I will have to document some of those next time around, especially the christmas one!

After filling our bellies on pizza, obviously we weren't full enough so took a venture to a cute little bistro nearby called Rolandos to get some Italian gelato. Everytime I go in there's a different selection of flavours, it is AMAZING! 

My yummy choice of flavours today were pistachio and hazelnut, and it was worth the calories for sure! 

Where are your favourite places to eat at the minute? Let me know in the comments and link your blogs/follow me on bloglovin so I can find some lovely new blogs to follow :)

Bye for now! 
Always, Alice x


  1. Lovely post and all this food is making me extremely hungry!! The pizza and ice cream look incredible <3

  2. It was amazing! I'm craving it all over again, not going to lie... x

  3. Yum, looks delish!

  4. :) the food looks yummy, made me think of having a bite of pizza now :D I would love to read more about the town, the architecture is nice


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