Blog Facelift & Autumn Tag

So as you may have noticed, my blog has had a lovely facelift courtesy of this beautiful design by Designer Blogs, and I LOVE it! 
My last design was so basic and boring, and I thought why not invest in a new look to inspire me and make me want to look after my blog and write more! Plus it's something nice for you lovely lot to look at :)

Let me know what you think in the comments, but it was so easy to install and such a bargain as well! Definitely give Designer Blogs a try if you're looking to spruce up your page!


Since it's finally started to become colder and it's dreary weather day in day out at the minute (which btw, I LOVE!), I thought what better time to do the Autumn Tag! It's truly my favourite time of year as I'm really not a summer person. I literally could not wait for October to start so I could justify wearing fluffy socks and jumpers all week long, and with a cheeky appearance of my wooly hat let's get started!

"For Autumn, what is your..."

Favourite thing about it? How cold it is! It means christmas is on the horizon and I can finally start showcasing my extensive jumper collection. I love the bare trees and how easy it is to justify a cosy night in rather than a day/night out!
Favourite drink? Gingerbread lattes for sure! I drink them all year round most of the time anyways as Cafe Nero always have it on the menu, but it's my fave! I'm also dying to try out the Starbucks Spiced Pumpkin one
Favourite candle? At the minute it's the 'Honeyed Chesnut' candle from Matalan would you believe. £3 and it's the size of my head, plus it smells aaaaaaaamaaaazing! 
Best Lipstick? Berry lip all the way! At the minute I'll be wearing Rimmel's 'Starry-Eyed' or MAC's 'Hang-Up', both which are a love purple berry colour. If you have any berry lipstick suggestions I can add to my collection, let me know!
Go to colours for the eyes?  I'm always a lot more subtle with my eye make-up and tend to go for a bold lip instead but lately I have been rocking a winged eyeliner using Soap and Glory's Supercat liner, or a subtle brown smokey eye using my Benefit Goodies A Go-Go palette, both which I reviewed in last week's beauty favourites!
Favourite band or singer? At the minute I am loving Roo Panes, a little discovery I made whilst browsing the iTunes store. His voice is so beautiful and relaxing, definitely worth a listen before bedtime!
Favourite outfit to wear? A snuggly jumper, with ripped jeans, my amazing new Zara coat and girly t-bar shoes. Also a wooly hat, cos why not?!
Autumn treat? Cake, cake and more cake! I've been on a health kick this summer, like I'm sure many of you have, but now that it's time to layer up and keep warm surely noone will notice if I've had a few naughty slices of red velvet cake? Will they?
Favourite place to be? Snuggled up on the sofa with my boy watching tv, or by the coal fire in the pub where I work! Both with a cup of tea included, of course.

Let me know if you've done an Autumn tag as I'd love to have a nosy at your favourite Autumn bits and bobs! Give me a follow on Bloglovin too as I'd love to find some lovely new blogs to read.

Always, Alice x


  1. The new design looks great! And I could relate to a lot of your autumn favorites. My personal go to autumn lipcolour: MAC 'Plumful' <3

    1. Ooh I don't think I've heard of that one! Will have to try it when I'm next at a MAC counter :) x

  2. Love the new look, looks really sleek and nice. Ginger bread lattes are so good, have you tried peppermint mochas they are my fav around Christmas

  3. Hey, I'm loving your amazing blog and I've followed on Bloglovin! I love the blog design and this was a great post! I loved reading your autumn favourites! <3


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