Jumping on the blogging bandwagon...at last!

So after spending countless hours recently becoming an avid follower of some fantastically witty blogs, I thought why not take the plunge and create my own?

After all, who needs to spend their rare free time doing something sensible anyway? (spoiler alert, I'm a bad role model!)

Much like the rest of my twenty-something female generation, I am obsessed with fashion: Who's wearing what...where did they get it...who looks like they've resorted to walking down the red carpet in a Primarni special and calculating the time it will take me to save my minumum wage in order to buy myself a vintage Chanel bag...this is my obsession!

I'm also an avid crafter and lover of anything rustic and shabby chic. If it's handmade, I'm gunna love it! So much so that as well as this little blog, I have decided to set up my own crafty business selling my beautiful little wares to hopefully make people happy. That's the dream right there. I'll do my best to share with you it's progress and I promise to still keep blogging when I've sold so much stock that I'm a gazillionaire! 

Another spoiler alert, I'm also one for dreaming big (cringe, i know)...we can do anything we want with our little lives, and it's a shame that so many people let the fear of failure overwrite their burning ambitions!

So stick with me on here, and hopefully I can share the secrets of my beautifully blossomed business with a mix of fashiony-related stuff that I'm loving at the time along with my other newly formed obsession...FITNESS.

Living in the day and age where everyone is on a health kick and the sales of Nike free runs have gone through the roof with people trying to achieve that perfect body, I am of no exception to the health freaks! I have taken to all sorts of exercise (except running, because, just no.) 

I'll share some of my secrets  with you later, possibly  when I have developed  some more interesting secrets rather than just subscribing to Graze boxes and perfecting my downward facing dog twice a day!

As for right now, I can hear the kettle boiling and it's time for my twelth cup of coffee a day and a marathon of Downton Abbey to further procrastinate my evening.

Bon soir and all that,

Always, Alice x

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