My first haul!

So today I did a little haul...whoops!

I took a little trip into nearby Hull city centre for a meet up with my friend (who has recently discovered she's preggo, not broody at all...), and a little shopping trip to treat myself after all the hours at work I've done recently.

I LOVE autumn/winter fashion - it's my favourite time of year as I nothing more than snuggling up in cosy jumpers and fuzzy socks. I don't really have much of a summer wardrobe as I cannot stand the heat and I'm loyal to my porcelain skin so I was super excited to add some new bits and bobs to my all year round cosy wardrobe!

I headed to H&M and (surprisingly) Primark today and picked up these beauties!

After a yummy slice of carrot cake accompanied by a long overdue gossip and a grande Starbucks latte, we took a wander into H&M first. 
I was really impressed by the collections in there at the moment, so many khaki and plum shades that I will be sure to incorporate into my wardrobe at the next opportunity! 

I am loving monochrome at the minute, so my eyes were quickly drawn to this black and white striped lightweight oversized jumper. The super soft fabric sold me on this, and it's such a lovely shape - I picked it up in a size 6 and it's still lovely and oversized! I'll wear this with black ripped jeans and my brown loafers...oh and of course a smudge of bright red lipstick to finish!

Jumper, H&M

After next browsing the accessories section, I fell instantly in love with this light brown and black snood! Suitable for wear with a light jacket but still thick enough for those full on winter days, this is perfect and definitely one of the best things I have bought in a while! I have not taken it off since I purchased as it is keeping me so snug <3

Snood, H&M
Lipstick in 'M.A.C Red', MAC

I also picked up this lovely triple pendant necklace! I used to have an obsession with costume jewelry, and have so many big statement necklaces but have recently fallen out of love with chunky jewelry, especially since becoming engaged - my beautiful engagement ring is accessory enough! But this pretty necklace was so dainty and quirky at the same time, I just had to buy. Plus it was a complete bargain and looks great with my stripey jumper!

Necklace, H&M

The other place we ventured into was Primark. I have always had a love-hate relationship with Primark over the years...all of my friends dressed head to toe in it and looked fabulous yet whenever I'd go, I'd find zilch!

Today I went in with an open mind and ready to give it one more chance and I was not disappointed! I was in jumper heaven, and their bag selection was on point!

It's only downfall was the shoe department but purely for the fact that the pair of shoes I wanted (an adorable black t-bar pair) were sold out in my size.

My best find of the day was this grey jumper and white shirt combo. An absolute steal, it will look great with my large specs and black jeans! I'm loving collars at the minute so to combine it with my love of jumpers too was fabulous! It's super soft too, definitely one of the better quality products that Primark has to offer.

Shirt/Jumper combo, Primark

Again, I then ventured over to the accessories department, and found these adorable frilly socks in every colour imaginable for only £1.50! I went for a khaki green and a soft blue. I also picked up the white laser cut purse which was an absolute bargain, and looks far more expensive and totally fits in with my love of monochrome! 
I also thought I'd give the underwear another try after seeing this beautiful set. Not sure on the fit as of yet because buying bras is not something that comes easy to me but it was so beautiful and so cheap that I just had to buy and try!
Lingerie set, Frilly socks and Purse, all Primark

I'm so happy with my haul, and with another shopping trip planned on Thursday (this time York), I'll be sure to update you with my future purchases! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think, and what your autumn/winter essentials are.

Always, Alice x driver alert!

So today I had my first EVER driving lesson...literally have never been more terrified in my life!
After months and months of saying "I'll book them tomorrow", and a final push from my other half, I finally booked in my first one.
And while it's safe to say I'm not going to be the next Lewis Hamilton anytime soon, I'd say I have some real potential! 120 minutes went by without injuring an unsuspecting pedestrian or racking up a hefty insurance bill for my instructor...YAY!

Next lesson is on Tuesday and I'm still just as scared stiff but the thought of which car I want to get when I pass (I will!) - apparently becoming a millionaire to afford one -  is consuming my brain more than the actual driving.

Forever the procrastinator...

A popular opinion but I LOVE the adorable Fiat 500's! The fact that they come in so many yummy colours and are just so cute and small, I WANT!

My personal favourite is this mint green beauty! Any donations are welcome :)

I'll keep you updated with the driving process, and hopefully I'll have my pink license before you know it! 

Always, Alice x

Wedding fever!

Somehow quite suprisingly in my first blog post, I forgot to mention the pivotal thing that has been taking over my brain for the last 3 months...


Yes that's right, someone actually wants to marry little old me, if not only for the fact that I can cook a mean lasagne and know how to work a washing machine. But nonetheless, I will at some stage in the future have a wedding to plan.

An actual wedding! Despite only being 22 (with the mental age of a 2 year old, mind) I could be a wife sooner than I ever thought! Not like I'd be the first though, everyone seems to be skipping down the aisle and popping out sprogs like its going out of fashion these days...I'll definitely be leaving the latter for a good couple of decades yet though.
I don't quite feel old enough yet, and having just received a text from my delightful other half informing me that he is first in the queue at ASDA to get the new Fifa at midnight release- neither does he!

Regardless of our immaturity though, I cannot help myself but spend my days reading countless wedding blogs and pinning cute little invitation ideas to my pinterest (oh yes, I'm going to be one of THOSE brides). But the main thing on my mind? THE DRESS.

Not really bothered about any other details but my wedding dress. I could be getting married in a field full of pigs, but as long as I had the dress of my dreams on, and my man at my side (had to!) then I'd be a happy wife. 

My first love of bridal designers has got to be Jenny Packham. I'm a self-confessed old lady at heart and I love anything vintage with a glamorous Great Gatsby-esque twist, so good old Jenny would be my ideal choice. I love how timeless her dresses are, and I could picture myself in any one of them, stood at the alter on the happiest day of my life!

My three ultimate faves are these gorgeous things, and I would have to sell my soul on ebay to be able to afford one, but a girl can dream right?

With wedding fever in full swing (yet no actual wedding date set, whoops), I'll be bringing you so many more of my ideas and inspiration on the road to the big day!

Always, Alice x

Jumping on the blogging last!

So after spending countless hours recently becoming an avid follower of some fantastically witty blogs, I thought why not take the plunge and create my own?

After all, who needs to spend their rare free time doing something sensible anyway? (spoiler alert, I'm a bad role model!)

Much like the rest of my twenty-something female generation, I am obsessed with fashion: Who's wearing what...where did they get it...who looks like they've resorted to walking down the red carpet in a Primarni special and calculating the time it will take me to save my minumum wage in order to buy myself a vintage Chanel bag...this is my obsession!

I'm also an avid crafter and lover of anything rustic and shabby chic. If it's handmade, I'm gunna love it! So much so that as well as this little blog, I have decided to set up my own crafty business selling my beautiful little wares to hopefully make people happy. That's the dream right there. I'll do my best to share with you it's progress and I promise to still keep blogging when I've sold so much stock that I'm a gazillionaire! 

Another spoiler alert, I'm also one for dreaming big (cringe, i know)...we can do anything we want with our little lives, and it's a shame that so many people let the fear of failure overwrite their burning ambitions!

So stick with me on here, and hopefully I can share the secrets of my beautifully blossomed business with a mix of fashiony-related stuff that I'm loving at the time along with my other newly formed obsession...FITNESS.

Living in the day and age where everyone is on a health kick and the sales of Nike free runs have gone through the roof with people trying to achieve that perfect body, I am of no exception to the health freaks! I have taken to all sorts of exercise (except running, because, just no.) 

I'll share some of my secrets  with you later, possibly  when I have developed  some more interesting secrets rather than just subscribing to Graze boxes and perfecting my downward facing dog twice a day!

As for right now, I can hear the kettle boiling and it's time for my twelth cup of coffee a day and a marathon of Downton Abbey to further procrastinate my evening.

Bon soir and all that,

Always, Alice x